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  • Pearls:
  1. Pearl jewelry needs to be wiped with a dry and clean soft cloth to remove dust, dirt and human grease from the stained surface. Pearls are weak to acid and alkaline resistance, please try to avoid sweat contact.
  2. Pearl jewelry should not be stored in direct sunlight, which may cause the pearl jewelry to lose its luster and peel.
  3. Pearls are easily worn, it is not recommended to store and save with harder or sharp-edged jewelry (such as silver jewelry, etc., it is recommended to store and care separately)
  4. You need to take off your pearl jewelry before bathing and exercising.
  • Gold/silver-plated metals:
  1. It is recommended to store your jewelry away from chemicals, perfumes, skin care products, etc. These environmental factors may oxidize the jewelry.
  2. The storage box provided by Kelly is a good storage environment to prevent oxidizing substances in the air from damaging your jewelry. Please gently wipe your jewelry with a soft, delicate dry cloth or the silver polishing cloth included with your order.
  3. Note: Never rub your jewelry too hard to polish it, as you may wear the plating. Please remove your jewelry when bathing, exercising, or sleeping.
  • Silver jewelry:
  1. Reduce contact with water, make-up, and toiletries.
  2. Use a silver polishing cloth (included with order) to wipe your product.
  3. You can add baking soda to water, soak for a few moments, then wash with water and wipe clean and keep dry.
  4. Not recommended to wear in the shower, sleeping and exercise.
  • General care guidelines:
  1. After each wear, use a soft cloth (order with additional silver cloth) to gently wipe the skin oil from your jewelry.
  2. Keep toiletries and makeup away from where you store your jewelry, as these acidic and harsh ingredients may have an effect on your jewelry.
  3. Remove your jewelry before sleeping, swimming, bathing, or exercise.
  4. Gold-plated jewelry can extend its color retention by being properly maintained, but it will still oxidize over time. If your jewelry has not been worn for a long time and lost its original off color, you can use a silver polishing cloth, jewelry polishing cloth to wipe.